Laughter and Joy


Across the generations from Abraham and Moses to Jeremiah and Mary, God constantly reminds his chosen ones, facing impossible situations that he is unfazed by the circumstances surrounding them. What they saw as a dead-end was just an opportunity for God to make a way.

Time and again we also see the saints laughing in response to what the Lord intended to do in their lives. These were more out of sarcasm and the seeming impossibility of the destiny set before them rather than the joy of receiving a word from God.

The Lord never condemned them for their lack of faith instead, He always reiterated his declaration of His promise to them - challenging their faith.

In every stage of our life and in all circumstances, God remains El-Shaddai.

Viewing through the eyes of faith, even the hardest difficulties look like divine possibilities. Maybe then, when we finally get to laugh, we do it at the joy of the fulfillment of His divine promise in our lives.

Sarah said, "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me." - Genesis 21:6


This was a summary of the sermon preached at FFGC church on 29 Dec

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